A Musician-led Initiative to fight hunger in our local communities

About MFF


Music for Food is a musician-led initiative for local hunger relief.

The concept of Music for Food came into existence over dinner with friends and colleagues. We spoke about the need to use our training and talents to serve our community. We felt that a concert series with a focus on fighting hunger here at home would serve artists, audiences, and more importantly, those in need.

Music for Food is a model that is sustainable and replicable for musicians who wish to act for hunger relief in their own communities.

~ Kim Kashkashian, Artistic Director | Founder


In 2010, inspired by Carol Rodland’s Rochester-based “If Music be the Food…” food drive concerts, violist Kim Kashkashian launched Music for Food, a concert series to help relieve food insecurity in the Greater Boston area, with a group of Boston-based musicians and guest artists.

Music for Food in Boston, now entering its seventh season, has established partnerships with the hunger relief organizations, such as Food for Free and the Greater Boston Food Bank, and performing arts organizations, such as Lyrica Chamber Music and New England Conservatory.

  • Currently in its 7th season, Music for Food has created over 450,000 meals through donations made at concerts on behalf of more than a dozen hunger-relief organizations.
  • More than 130 international artists have performed on Music for Food concerts throughout the country.
  • Music for Food is incorporated in the state of Massachusetts and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.

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We believe both music and food are essential to human life and growth. Music has the power to call forth the best in us, inspiring awareness and action when artists and audiences work together to transform the ineffable into tangible and needed food resources.

Music for Food is a musician-led initiative for local hunger relief. Our concerts raise resources and awareness in the fight against hunger, empowering all musicians who wish to use their artistry to further social justice.

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