We believe both music and food are essential to human life and growth. Music has the power to call forth the best in us, inspiring awareness and action when artists and audiences work together to transform the ineffable into tangible and needed food resources.

Music for Food is a musician-led initiative for local hunger relief. Our concerts raise resources and awareness in the fight against hunger, empowering any musicians who wish to use their artistry to further social justice.

Please consider donating via the Paypal button below and specifying the concert you wish to benefit. We miss sharing music with you all in person, but we are so grateful to still have the opportunity to connect through music online.

Specifying a Pantry

After you click on the Paypal button, you will have the option to use a credit card or Paypal account.

  • Credit card payment: On the Paypal checkout page, after the question "Is this for MFF operations or a pantry?" type in the pantry name.
  • Payment through Paypal: On the Paypal checkout page, type the pantry name into the text box labeled "Add a note".