Educational Outreach

MFF Artist Fellows Bring Civic Engagement to the Classroom!

Music for Food’s Artist Fellows program helps young musicians become citizen-artists and learn to use music as a tool for social justice. Fellows serve as ambassadors for Music for Food, presenting assemblies, masterclasses, and concerts at middle and high schools in the Greater Boston area.

Music for Food Artist Fellows present interactive performance-assemblies that inform school students about the issue of hunger and their ability to use music to make a difference in their community. Through follow-up visits, Artist Fellows partner with music school teachers to help students prepare for their own benefit concert. This guidance can encompasses practical details, such as selecting a pantry, as well as artistic mentoring through individual and ensemble coaching. Students perform a benefit concert for the community and donate all proceeds to a local food pantry. Post-concert, students and teachers are asked to share their experiences with Music for Food and provide feedback on the program.

Students learn about the integration of music and community service, transforming their concert into a platform for active civic engagement. Donations collected provide much needed aid towards local hunger relief efforts. Every dollar raised translates into three meals created for those in need.

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St Paul's Choir
St. Paul’s Choir School | Cambridge, Massachusetts November . 2013 | Photo: Caroline Ly