A Musician-led Initiative to fight hunger in our local communities


The Music for Food program is such an inspired program since all
people, whether they be rich or poor, should benefit from the gift of

Father John Gribowich, Parochial Vicar, St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church, Jamaica, NY,

Dear friends,

What a wonderful adventure that was! ,,, It was such a pleasure to work with all of
you. To my instrumental and vocal colleagues, if only every day could
begin with two hours of one-per-part Bach, my life would be very fulfilled
indeed! To Kim and Cashman, what an honor to be involved in a project
that makes such an immediate difference.

Best wishes to all of you for the remainder of the spring and I hope our
musical endeavors bring us together again soon!

- Elise

Elise Groves, soprano,

Thanks everyone for such a rich collaboration!! It really did feel like
we got some wonderful spirit to come alive in the music, and Kim and
Cashman and the whole MFF crew it has a double resonance that the music
joins with something that fulfills people both intangibly and tangibly!
Thanks and it was a joy to collaborate!


Nicholas Kitchen, violinist,

Dear Ms. Kashkashian and MFF team,

      After playing at the Women's Lunch Place twice this past year and attending
all of the Music For Food concerts at NEC, I've become so thankful for this
organization for not only helping the hungry but also giving musicians a
reminder that music is not meant to only be played in concert halls for
patrons and conservatories for our colleagues and teachers but to bring joy
and love to those in any situation...

      Seeing that 1 in 9 people are hungry in Boston is something that needs to
be brought into attention and changed. People are all equal, no matter if
you are high class or homeless. Personally, having been brought up in a
very underprivileged family with a single mother since the age of 1, I can
try to begin to understand the level of intensely terrible things the women
of WLP have experienced and survived. Despite this, the smiles on their
faces and contagious happiness as these young aspiring musicians walk into
the basement of the church is incomparable. They deserve love and so much
more, the joy of music.
      It has been such a privilege to perform music in places like the WLP, where
it is not played often enough, or at all. I know how desperate it can feel
like not knowing how you will physically and emotionally survive the next
year, or month, or day- whereas in my family, how to pay rent for the next
month or my violin lessons next week. However, each one of those women have
a story that they carry with them, that they would like to share with
others. MFF allowing students to spend time with them and share our music
with them is one of the most beautiful gifts we could give.

      I would love to continue being a helping hand in this organization, and
will do my best  to bring awareness.

Thank you,
Abby Hong

Abigail Hong, violinist,