A Musician-led Initiative to fight hunger in our local communities
Musicians volunteer their time & talent
All audience donations go to a local pantry

Read our full Mission Statement, find out more about our participating musicians, and see a list of pantries we have supported.

Music for Food Impact in Fighting Hunger

  • MFF concerts have funded over 1.5 million meals...read more
  • Supported more than 100 hunger-relief organizations
  • 100% of concert donations benefit food pantries

Recent Online Concerts

Friday Morning Music: JP Chamber Music
November 13, 2020
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Friday Morning Music: Jesse Morrison
November 20, 2020
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Musicians Talk About Music for Food

We believe both music and food are essential to human life and growth. Music has the power to call forth the best in us, inspiring awareness and action when artists and audiences work together to transform the ineffable into tangible and needed food resources.

Music for Food Online Concerts

In this time of crisis, our neighbors who experience food-insecurity are among the hardest hit. In lieu of our regular concerts, Music for Food is presenting online performances to support multiple food pantries.

Premiered October 25, 2020
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MFF Boston presents the premiere concert of our 11th season! Featuring works by Ravel, we offer you an evening of beauty recorded live in NEC's Brown Hall. All donations will go towards our designated chapter of the month, Cleveland, benefitting the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.
Kim Kashkashia, viola; Robert Levin, piano; Merz Trio

Premiered Aug 30, 2020
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Our family believes in using the power of music to make a difference for those in need. If you enjoy this concert and wish to contribute towards the Food Services of the Midnight Mission (Skid Row, LA), you have our gratitude!
Anoush Pogossian, clarinet; Varty Manouelian and Movses Pogossian, violins; Cara Pogossian, viola; Edvard Pogossian, cello

Performance by Viola Studio of Kim Kashkashian
Hymnus Op. 57 by Julius Klengel, arranged for 12 violas by Jean-Loup Lecomte
Premiered August 17, 2020
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As summer closes, we have prepared a vignette performance of Kim Kashkashian and her studio for you.
Claudia Do Minh Ramos, Andrew Hughes, Kim Kashkashian, Yuchen Lu, Haneul Park, Jing Peng, Karlie Roberts, Gonzalo Martin Rodriguez, Julian Seney, Samuel Zacharia, Zhanbo Zheng

Music for Food Summer Online Concert 2
Premiered Friday, July 17, 2020
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Artists and Composers:
Paul Biss, Michael Casimir, Central Conservatory of Music: Pipa Ensemble, Nick Cords, Beth Guterman Chu, Jonathan Chu, Miriam Fried, Ian Krause, Laurence Lesser, Ben Lim, Haesun Paik, Movses, Varty, Cara, Eddy and Anoush Pogossian, Larry Tyrrell, Don Weilerstein, Vivian Weilerstein

All proceeds will go to the benefit of four food pantries honoring our performers: St Louis, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Portland, Oregon.

Music for Food, Lawrence University, Appleton
Premiered Friday, June 26, 2020
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Piano students of Lawrence University – Conservatory of Music
The wonderful and generous piano students at Lawrence University – Conservatory of Music present an online concert for Music for Food to benefit St. Joseph Food Program.

Premiered April 19, 2020
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Jonathan Biss, Paul Biss, Miriam Fried, Kim Kashkashian, Yura Lee, Laurence Lesser, Ron Lowry, Dmitri Murrath, Doug Perkins, Marcy Rosen, Lois Shapiro, Masuko Ushioda, Diane Walsh, Don Weilerstein, Vivian Weilerstein